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Multi-Technical Maintenance

First and foremost, GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL is a specialist solutions integration company in the fields of electronic, IT, electrotechnic and industrial maintenance.

The technical staff is able to offer the following services within the maintenance framework:

  • Multi-technical maintenance
  • Multi-services maintenance
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Retrofit studies
  • Industrial maintenance​


For administrations or companies, preventive and corrective maintenance are a fundamental factor to ensure the reliability of their technical installations. It’s also a production tool optimisation lever, as well as a means to reduce system downtime costs.

Faithful to its calling as an integrated service provider, GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL guarantees improvements to the performance of companies in the field of multi-technical and multi-service maintenance.


GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL offers a multi-technical maintenance contract particularly adapted to the needs of its clients. Also, GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL benefits from a large geographical area, its own resources in engineering and methods, and technicians specialized in all maintenance trades.

GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL offers its clients a very wide range of technical know-how: Integrated Electronic Security Systems & Remote Monitoring, Technology Solutions, Professional Sound Systems, Communication Systems, Telecommunication Networks, Port & Airport Solutions, Fire & Gas Protection, Industrial Instrumentation, Climatic Engineering, Automation & Regulation, etc.

GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL is known for its constant high standards in sectors as varied as :

Airports : maintenance of equipment and systems of security & perimeter protection.
Ports : maintenance of equipment and perimeter surveillance and control systems.
Telecommunications operators : maintenance of equipment and systems for surveillance, control and fire fighting.
Local authorities & administration : maintenance of equipment and supervision system.
The banking sector : maintenance of equipment and systems for monitoring, control and fire or intrusion control for head offices and branches.
Sports complexes & stadiums : maintenance of equipment and monitoring & control systems.
Superstores & malls : maintenance of monitoring, control and fire-fighting equipment and systems.
Transports : maintenance of equipment and monitoring and control systems.
Oil & Gas : maintenance of fire & gas detection equipment and supervision systems for fire fighting.
Industry : mechanical, electrical, automation and industrial IT maintenance.
Energy : maintenance, dismantling and technical assistance.
Hydraulic Installations : maintenance of equipment and system of measurement & supervision of hydraulic works.
Tertiary sector : maintenance préventive planifiée et solutions rapides d’assistance.


Computer engineering, electrical engineering, HVAC engineering and building maintenance have become critical issues for property owners and managers. As a major player in business services, GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL offers a comprehensive range of services in all these fields, including design, implementation and maintenance.

GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL operates in the industrial and tertiary sectors, on the most diverse installations. The performance of its solutions is based on a global vision of energy issues and asset development. It relies on the expertise of its engineers and technicians, and on flawless methods and procedures.

We are present to help with all types of technical breakdowns on all kinds of machines and equipment. GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL takes care of your material and equipment and lets you benefit from its experience and efficiency, through the Multi-technical Maintenance Contract option.

A solution that offers you fast and efficient services through a multidisciplinary team. The Multi-technical Multi-Service contract formulated by GSTIgroup INTERNATIONAL covers the main regions and cities of our zones of operation on a National & International scale.

A single multi-technical maintenance contract that can integrate all or part of the following contracts :


  • Maintenance Contract for Electronic Security Systems & Integrated Video Surveillance System.
  • Maintenance contract for electronic & physical access control systems (turnstiles, chopper, Fast Voices, VIP access, ...)
  • Maintenance contract for inspection equipment (Metal Detection Scanners, Gantries….).
  • Video Wall / Image Wall Maintenance Contract, Dynamic Display Screens.


  • Maintenance contract for computer hardware and networks.
  • Maintenance contract for radio and telecommunications systems.
  • IP Telephony Maintenance Contract.
  • Datacenters and Server Rooms Maintenance Contract.
  • Optical Fiber Network Infrastructure Maintenance Contract.


  • Maintenance of DIGITALIZATION solutions.
  • Maintenance of the platforms of the connected objects (IOT).
  • Maintenance of the Big Data Platform Solutions for administrations.
  • Radar maintenance for traffic control / GPS Tracking Solutions.


  • Maintenance contract for perimeter protection and security systems.
  • Maintenance contract for electronic & physical port access control equipment (rising barrier, chopper, turnstile,....)
  • Maintenance contract for marine detection and communication equipment (radars, radio beacons, VHF, sounders, etc.) 
  • Maintenance contract for marine anti-pollution equipment.


  • Maintenance contract for airport perimeter protection systems.
  • Maintenance Contract for Airport & Public Address Sound Systems.
  • Maintenance Contract for Airport Lighting Systems.
  • Maintenance Contract for Radiocommunication Equipment.


  • Maintenance Contract for Toxic or Flammable Gas Leak Detection Systems in the Oil Industry.
  • Calibration of Toxic or Flammable Gas Leak Detection Systems in the Petroleum Environment.
  • Maintenance Contract for Fire Alarm Detection Plants & Fire Safety Systems.
  • Maintenance Contract for Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems (water or powder based)


  • Maintenance Contract for Electrical Distribution Installations.
  • Maintenance contract for electrical substations.
  • Maintenance Contract for Lighting Installations.
  • Generator Maintenance Contract


  • Calibration of measuring and indicating instruments
  • Design & Repair of electronic boards 
  • Maintenance of electronic or pneumatic control chains
  • Programming of PLCs


  • Maintenance contract for level and flow measurement equipment at dams.
  • Maintenance Contract for Electrical and Hydromechanical Installations of Hydraulic Structures. 
  • Maintenance Contract for Pumping and Irrigation Systems.
  • Maintenance Contract for Seawater Desalination Plants & Water Analysers.


Thanks to our customized maintenance contracts, you always have priority, and you can benefit from preferential rates on all call-outs and spare parts, as well as easier and safer repairs. We can also provide you with replacement machines and equipment, while waiting for yours to be repaired. In addition, a monthly, quarterly or annual technical report will be made available, detailing the condition of your systems and equipment, and anticipating future needs for your development (evolving maintenance). This report can also be used to define the buffer and forecast stock of spare parts and consumables.


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